Hi, I'm Anna.  It's a personal goal of mine to be more considerate of the things I eat and more intentional in the things I say and do.  I hope that you will join in and that this space encourages you to do the same. 

A few of the topics I could talk your ear off about: 

  1. Cooking and baking with whole ingredients. I absolutely love baking and would probably be twice my size if I baked as much as I like.  Cooking, in the past, just hasn't excited me as much.  The fact that I'm now living on my own, and my refusal to live off of TV dinners, has really encouraged me to figure out a few kitchen basics and find healthier alternatives to the easy foods I already know how to cook.  It's a work in progress; I'll keep you updated. 
  2. Travels. I love seeing and experiencing new places and as weird as it sounds I love being a tourist as well as a traveler.  I'm also all about explore the city of Montgomery, the capitol of dreams. 
  3. Watercolors and hand lettering.  I'm no good at either, but I really enjoy trying.  Practice makes perfect!

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