Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sa Za Serious Italian

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I have only been to Sa Za’s once, but I am a little off put by the urbanspoon rating. Seth and I had a date night in downtown Montgomery a couple of months ago. We didn’t really make any plans; we just decided to get out of my parents house for the evening. After strolling around the Montgomery Riverwalk we had dinner at Sa Za’s Serious Italian.
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Despite it’s mildly ridiculous name, it is a great little place on the corner of the Alley. We did not have a reservation so we sat at the bar, but it was actually a fun place to sit since we could see the pizzas being made. We had the Firenza which comes “layered with goat cheese, caramelized onions, roasted grape tomatoes, mozzarella” and added chicken and spinach. It was probably the best pizza I’ve ever had. The goat cheese wasn’t overpowering and was deliciously complemented by the caramelized onions. To drink I had a Wise Guy “captain morgan spiced rum, malibu rum, bacardi 151 rum, pineapple & cranberry juice, lime & cherry garnish” and it was great. In addition to the food, the restaurant had a great atmosphere. I would definitely recommend!
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  1. I try not to look at the Urbanspoon ratings before I go somewhere and if I do I don't let it change my mind about going somewhere. Some of my favorite places have lower ratings. Not sure why! This place sounds good! Especially the Wise Guy.