Tuesday, September 23, 2014

101 in 1001

Happy first day of Fall!  In a lovely surprise, I stepped out into a crisp chilly morning when I went to take B out.  I love autumn.  I’m not sure if it is getting away from summer’s ridiculous Alabama heat and humidity or pulling out sweaters and boots and everything pumpkin.  The arrival of Autumn is always welcome.  The turning of a new season, especially spring and fall, always feels like a fresh start.  So, to kick off this lovely season, I'm staring a new to-do list.  101 in 1001 is a list of things I would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days (which equals approximately 2.75 years).  The idea, which came from Mackenzie Horan at Design Darling, is a happy medium between a to do list and keeping a bucket list.  In addition to a lot of personal goals I have had for some time now, my list includes a lot of activities around Montgomery.  Despite growing up just outside the state capitol and actually moving to Montgomery a little less than a year ago, I really haven’t explored the city as much as I’d like to.  I  really think this list will encourage me not only to live a little better, but to be more intentional in the weekly plans I make.  I have until the start of summer 2017 to meet my goals and will happily donate $5 to a charitable organization for each I do not complete.  I’ll keep you updated and hope that you will join in with your own list!

Personal Goals: 
1. Donate $5 for every uncompleted task (charitable organization TBD)
2. Take a pottery class
3. Learn calligraphy
4. Sew a dress by myself
5. Evenly hem a pair of pants
6. Finish my t-shirt quilt
7. See a TED talk live
8. Get a new camera 
9. Learn how to use said camera
10. Join a book club
11. Read 5 career books
12. Read 3 biographies
13. Pick back up with Spanish and get to a somewhat conversational point
14. Get a massage
15. Take a cooking class
16. Learn how to dry herbs
17. Learn how to can and make jam
18. Bake a soufflĂ© 
19. Make ravioli from scratch
20. Bake doughnuts
21. Make macaroons
22. Make my bed every day for a month
23. Clean out my living room and office
24. Keep my desk/table clean for an entire month
25. Research savings options
26. Learn how to code VBA
27. Take someone I want to learn from out to lunch
28. Interview an environmental scientist about their career
29. Keep a separate work to do list, leave it at work
30. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for 2 weeks
31. Go a month without eating fast food
32. Try a juice cleanse
33. See the sun rise every morning for a week
34. Run every day for a week
35. Run a 5K with a family member
36. Run my 6th half marathon
37. Join a yoga studio
38. Try hot yoga
39. Yoga outside
40. Be able to do a headstand
41. Go rock climbing
42. Try a new workout class
43. Take a self defense class
44. Gardening-figure out what I’m doing
45. Join a CSA
46. Stick to a vegan diet for a week
47. Stick to a vegetarian diet for a month
48. Go a week without caffeine
49. Go 3 months without killing a cactus
50. Go a week without swearing, may involve taking a different route to work
51. Complete 50 hours of community service
52. Join a local church
53. Plan a trip to Europe
54. Visit a new city
55. Visit a new state
56. Visit a new country 
57. Rent bicycles at the beach
58. Go camping
59. Visit an aquarium
In Town: 
60. Visit the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art
61. See a play at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival
62. See a play at the Cloverdale Playhouse
63. Go to Montgomery Ballet’s holiday show
64. See a movie at the Capri Theater
65. Explore the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum
66. Visit the Museum of Alabama at the Alabama Department of Archives & History
67. Visit the Moo-seum (take Gray)
68. Take a dinner cruise on the Harriott II
69. Go to the planetarium
70. Eat at 10 new restaurants around Montgomery
71. Visit the Nature Center at Lanark
72. Spend a day at a spa 
73. Do yoga at Old Alabama Town 
74. Visit 2 local art galleries
75. Visit the Montgomery Zoo
76. Kayak 2 new places in the area
Friends and Family: 
77. Buy my mom or grandmother flowers just because
78. Take my dad out to eat
79. Do something special with each of my nieces and nephews
80. Go a year without missing a single family birthday
81. Watch a sunrise with Seth
82. Plan and cook a brunch for friends
83. Throw a dinner party
84. Reconnect with friends from high school
85. Reconnect with undergrad friends
86. Find ways to be more involved with other alumnae 
87. Go on a hike with friends
88. Have an arts and crafts day/night with friends
89. Celebrate 3 little holidays I normally wouldn’t with friends
90. Ring in a new year with friends
91. Bake cookies for the mailman
92. Bake cookies for my landlord
93. Bake cookies for my fix-it guy 
94. Buy a stranger coffee
95. Leave a 100% tip for good service
96. Learn and use html design elements on my blog
97. Join a blogging network
98. Meet other bloggers
99. Start a blog series
100. Add pin it feature to images
101. Figure out my blogging routine

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  1. I have a feeling #57 will be getting checked off soon! Now I want to make a list too!