Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Marshall’s Diner and Downtown Frankfort, Kentucky

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Downtown Frankfort is such a cute town.  It is full of old buildings in cute colors. There are train tracks running through the very center of town, and unbelievable close to a few buildings. The only thing strange I noticed was the lack of people out and about.  I’m sure that was mostly due to the extreme cold last week, but it seemed like the kind of town where you would pass the friendliest people on the street.
We ate at Marshall’s Diner for lunch one day. It was such a cute place; very cozy with a home town feeling.  However, the food was less exciting.  I didn’t order anything special (just a chicken wrap with fries), but the chicken was slightly overcooked and nothing really had any flavor. Other people’s meals were drenched in gravy and no one really seemed too impressed by the end of the meal. I believe the diner recently reopened, possibly under new management? Hopefully things will improve for the adorable diner.

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